Flute and Poetry/Fiction

(R Bartkowech reading his poetry and short stories with improvised flute/lexicon accompaniment by David Williams).

Basically, The Demented Are No Trick

Listen     Breaker  Listen Text  
  Composition  Listen Text   Countless External Very Likely Structures Listen    
  An Epistolary TV Threat Listen     Flagrant Impasto Listen    
  Giving Up Listen Text   Hundreds of Angry People Listen Text  

Impending Baldness

Listen Text   The Importance Of Being Correct Listen    

Midnight Marching Band

Listen Text  

New Sizzler Diseased

Listen Text  

No One Home

Listen     Nothing's Lost But Storm Listen Text  
  Paris Opera Listen Text   Party Of One/Party Of Two: (No Party) Listen    
  Phony Message Listen     Regardless/Gladly Listen Text  
  Ruined In A Few Hours Listen     Scant Particle Of Refuse  Listen    
  Special Visit (All Of The Above) Listen     White, White World Of Vestibules Listen    
  The Survivors Listen Text          

Science Fiction Story

Listen Text   The Picnic Shit Listen    

Frenzied Drummer

Listen Text